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Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday has Jason giving in to his need for her kiss. #IntimateWhispers, my @ellorascave interracial paranormal (suspense-ish) novel releases October 7th. Read more about it here. Or scroll down.

A sense of urgency drove him. A need that shattered all preconceived ideas, all notions of confusion or impropriety with this woman. If only this once, he needed her. She projected an energy, a powerful compulsion that drew him in and he’d be damned if he fought it now.

Sabrina’s breath whooshed out of her, probably escaping from the way he squeezed her body tight against his. A warning bell in the back of his mind reminded him of her injuries, and he listened to it because while her body he would claim later, for right now, he burned for her kiss.

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