Eye Candy, Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is convincing Joy to go back to Porter. But in this medical I/R romance, she really doesn’t want to. Her friend, on the other hand, has a different idea.

Her mouth tightened, another declination teetering on the tip of her tongue. A soft cough behind Joy caught her attention and she glanced over her shoulder to find her friend with a hopeful smile tilting her lips. Eyebrows raised, eyes sparkling, Shelby’s chin bobbed up and down none too subtly as she nodded her encouragement. It gave Joy reason to pause.

The world had gone utterly and completely mad if one Shelby Langley was encouraging her to talk to Porter. It was on the brink of destruction if the same Shelby actually wanted them to get back together.

I’m proud to say I put the words “The End” on this puppy yesterday. So after letting it marinate for a week or two, I’ll fix it up and ship it off. In the meanwhile, for more authors nowhere near the brink of destruction, visit the official Six Sentence Sunday site here.