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Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday today comes from my Greek mythology-inspired story, Medusa’s Seduction. Yes, that Medusa. As of right now I haven’t even finished chapter one, but I’m excited by this one. You’ll really have to believe in true love to like it, I think.

The background on this snippet: Poseidon’s on his way with two loyal servants to beg Medusa’s forgiveness for the act that damned her forever. The youth of the group, Belen, is confident and the jokester of the trio.

“If you would but step aside, my lord, I’d be able to reach the top and help my elders in their climb. Alas, my departed mother often chastised me that age comes before beauty.” His foot slipped, forcing another shard of ice into Po’s heart. He regained himself in short order. “So you see, my lord, I am in a quandary. Which manners rule here?”

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