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Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is a moment of tension in my vampire romance, PASSION AROUSED. An old enemy is holding on to Alice, while a new friend has to flee.

“No!” she screamed. Cicero hauled her back against his front, ignoring the way she pedaled against the air. Alice kicked at him, fingers scrabbling against his forearms, anything to make him let go.

Her feet hit the ground at the same instant she finally caught sight of what held the crowd enthralled. The reason why Corin felt it necessary to protect his wife and their child by fleeing. Her heart threatened to kick its way out of her chest, but surprise soon gave way to despair as she stared at Sebastian.

For more authors who’ll provide surprise (but no despair), please visit the official Six Sentence Sunday site here. And sixers? Happy anniversary. Today’s post is number 99 for me. Wow.