Slow spell

2009 has been a crazy, crazy year. It’s not half way done and I’ve already had 7 (count ’em! SEVEN) books published this year, with another four scheduled for release. With the two subs sent out this month, that makes for thirteen books published (possibly) in 2009.


Well, you may remember that back in November, I took a new day job. Since then, it’s been increasingly difficult to get my writing in during the week, so I spend most weekends sitting in front of a computer, trying to cram it all in. Since I’ve done such a great job (I’ll try not to break my arm in my efforts to pat myself on the back) getting the words cranked out, I think it’s time to change things up a little bit. My next WIP will be NO GREATER JOY. As of right now, my longest contracted title has been 28K words. I want NGJ to be at least 40K. (In case you’re curious, this one will be another interracial contemporary.)

So what does this mean? A lonnnngggg time before I submit anything new to a publisher. Y’all just keep cheering me on and we’ll see what happens. Pay attention to the progress meters to your left to keep up with my goal.