Story Ideas

So I lied…

Normally, in between writing projects I like to take about a week off. Give my poor little brain a chance to rest and recuperate. This time I felt so guilty! I’d so recently posted about all of the great projects that were underway and would hopefully be completed in June. But, Den of Iniquity took so much out of me this month and it was a slow, painful process to get it completed.

Today, I opened up my files trying to decide which one I’d actually work on finishing as I have promised myself. I read what I’ve written so far. I smiled in the right places. Fixed a few things. But none of the stories sang to me. Not like the one I had plotted one day while at work a few weeks ago where my characters screamed at me for ignoring them.

So, despite many promises and posts about what I would be writing on…despite progress meters with lots of blank space…despite a book full of ideas on where to take my current WIPs, I’ve started a whole new story. This one (I’m keeping the title to myself for now) will be an interracial, May-December erotica/romance. I’m shooting for 10,000 words. If it tells you anything about how driven I am to write it, I’ve worked on it for half a day and I’m somewhere around 3,500 words down. I’m guessing I’ll have the first draft finished tomorrow, barring real life getting in the way. And although I originally planned to submit it to my usual publisher, a friend recommended another where it would fit in perfectly.

So, here’s what I do know as true. In my July newsletter, I’ll post an excerpt from Den of Iniquity. In August, you’ll get a sample from this current project. Two chapters in and it’s hot, hot, hot!