Coming Soon, Contest

So I won a Halloween contest

Remember that gargoyle story I worked on a little while ago? It was chosen as one of the ten winners for Breathless Press’s Halloween Contest. So, get ready. GRANITE DEVOTION (otherwise known as hot sweaty sex with a gargoyle) will be coming soon to Breathless Press. Thanks to Abby Wood who originally posted the full list of winners on her blog.

The winners:

Cross-stitch and Brimstone by Stephanie Beck

Dusk Takes Dawn by Celia Sweet & Shirin Dubbin

Demon Heart by Nicole Dennis

A Demon Kiss by Sable Grey

Liaison by Ambrielle Kirk

Demons Love Cinnamon by Kate Richards

Truth of Fire by Abby Wood

Sweet Release by Carrie Pulkinen

Granite Devotion by Morgan Sierra

Just This Night by Juliet Cardin

Congratulations everyone!