NaNoWriMo, Procrastination, Works in Progress

So Much To Do…


So, I finished THE CRAFT OF THE WISE 3 last night. Whew! Thanks to my fellow Cobblestone Press authors for hosting a ‘book in a week challenge’ where I got the vast majority of this story done. When I typed those lovely words (you know, "THE END"), I swore out loud to myself that today would be a non-writing day. I was going to pick up the three novels I’ve started (I know, I know) and put them all to bed tonight. Then there’s also the matter of two more ebooks I’ve acquired over the last couple of days that I want to get my paws on too. Yesterday morning though, I received a contract for a yet-to-be-written paranormal erotic romance that I’ve entitled FAR TO GO. (We’re still negotiating the terms of the contract, so it’s not *official* yet, but I don’t anticipate any hang ups.) So what does that mean? It means get my BIC (butt in chair for any non-writers out there) and start the next project. But wait!!! I was supposed to spend this week revising THE PRICE OF PLEASURE so that I could send it out and finish outlining SIN OF THE FATHER to work on for NaNo at midnight on Nov 1st. But wait!!! I said I would enter a flash fiction contest and need to jot something down for that since the deadline is in two days.


So there. Now you see how priorities can change at the drop of a hat. I won’t even mention that I have four manuscripts out for decisions right now. If I get a contract for any of those…. Oy. I suppose all of this is a good problem to have. No complaints from me.

(well. not really.)