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Special K Sandwiches – Alanna Coca


My mother raised seven kids on a budget. She often created new dishes out of leftovers or whatever might be in the cupboard and gave them exotic names to make us eat them. Special K Sandwiches are so good, I thought EVERYBODY had them growing up. I actually searched the web for a better picture of one for this post, but it seems they really are unique.  So pardon my cell phone picture of my not-the-best-batch of Special K Sandwiches

~ ~ ~


Special K Cereal (or any unsweetened flaky cereal) crushed



Sliced bread (rye or pumpernickel are faves, but any firm bread works)

Sliced Muenster cheese

Deli meats (I like corned beef, but again, any meat is good. The picture shows turkey.)


You’ll notice I didn’t specify any quantities. That’s because this is the first time ever this recipe has been written down, and we usually just wing it.

Heat the butter in a frying pan on medium heat. (I think. I wing that too. I’m not the best cook.) Mix the eggs in a shallow bowl. Dip one side of the the bread in the egg mixture, then into the crushed cereal, and fry (like French toast). Repeat for second slice of bread. As it’s cooking, load the top of one side with meats and cheese. As the crispy coating cooks, and cheese melts, add mayo and mustard to taste. When the egg coating is cooked, just close the sandwich and you’re done!

Kids love helping this process (but it’s messy!) and mine love the sandwiches.

Wyoming Solace by Alanna Coca


Elise Vickerson waited a long time to gather the courage to flee her abusive marriage. To stay beyond his reach permanently, though, will take money. Getting it will take months of backbreaking labor to resurrect then sell her inherited Wyoming ranch.

With her future hanging in the balance, and her bruises still fresh, Elise will never again play doormat for any man. Except a cowboy from the neighboring spread has a way of firing her imagination—and her temper.

The news of Elise’s arrival sends Cody Campbell tearing through his files for the proof that the Vickerson ranch belongs to him. He’ll have to cool his boot heels until his father returns with the papers, but at least the view is fine—the beautiful, prickly Elise ignites a desire that’s hard to resist.

Elise tries her best to ignore her handsome neighbor, but his kisses, his arms make her feel something she hasn’t felt in a long time. Safe. As long as the spectre of her past lurks in every shadow, though, security—and any hope for a future with Cody—can never be hers.