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Sweet & Savory Pickles – Jennifer Bray-Weber

sweet and savory pickles (1)

Like your favorite chips, you won’t be able to eat just one pickle slice. These pickles can be eaten alone, but are great on burgers, sandwiches, chicken, tuna, and pea salads, or any recipe calling for pickles.

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Sweet & Savory Pickles


· 1 jar of dill pickles

· 2 cups granulated sugar

· 12-15 splashes of hot sauce (Tabasco works great!)


1. Remove pickles from the jar and drain juice.

2. Blend pickles with sugar in a bowl.

3. Add hot sauce and blend

4. Return pickles to the jar.

5. Every day for a minimum of one week, flip the jar. (You can shake it a little, too, if you want.) This guarantees the flavor infuses every slice

6. Enjoy!



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