Writer's Block

The waiting game

I started a new story a couple of days ago after an almost two week hiatus. It’s been difficult getting into it despite being a rockin’ idea. By way of procrastination, I found myself opening my spreadsheet of project status (what the heck is the plural of status, anyway? statuses? just looks weird. anyhoo…) and what I read there was almost depressing. As of today, I only have three stories awaiting decisions. One decision is weeks overdue (although they were kind enough to write to let me know they were working on it). The other two I don’t expect to hear back on until March of next year.

Next year.

Dog! Is it just me or does that seem so far away?! I already have six stories contracted for next year and should be ecstatic about seeing 2009 for that reason…but the idea I won’t know if I have even more stories contracted until then just slays me. Am I being greedy?

My writing bud, Kris Eton , reminded me that not long ago, I wouldn’t be focused on hearing back from publishers. My mind would be on the next story and getting it off the ground. For some reason, I’m just not there.

Is it the holiday blues? Or just plain ol’ writer’s blues? I’m not sure.

Either way – tell me – what do you do to pull yourself out of a funk?