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Upcoming Release Date

I opened my email yesterday to find the one that I’ve been waiting for. It was the email that told me the upcoming release date for CAREER OPPORTUNITIES . Well (drum roll, please), if you haven’t seen it already in the fifteen other places I post, it’ll be available AUGUST 22nd ! ! Sometime between now and then, I’ll come up with a contest idea so that you can win a copy of this hot piece of erotica. Keep coming back for updates.

As for my other writing, well, my brain is just not cooperating. I have started to write two additional stories that I’ve been toying with. If you look left, you’ll see the titles: THE FALLEN 2: NEPHILIUM and BEAUTIFUL LIAR. I’m fully plotted for both stories…have everything lined up and all I have to do is type. Why is it then, the only thing I can concentrate on is THE CRAFT OF THE WISE 3: DUELING BODIES? I awoke from a sound sleep this morning with all sorts of dialog going on in my mind as well as the beginning for TCOTW 4 going full throttle. I haven’t even heard back from the publisher on the first book! I thought it would be wise to work on something else until I heard back, but I guess no such luck. Guess I’ll take advantage of my unofficial ADD and work on all three (possibly four) over the next couple of weeks. Enh. What are you gonna do?