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This is what Holly at Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews had to say about The Craft of the Wise 2: Divination:

“I love Dee Carney’s witches. She writes such richly involved stories, and I look forward to each episode in the adventure. Her stories are very real, with the doubts and feelings there for all to see. She brings you into the action, and takes you on the journey with each of her characters. Her men are beyond hot, and the relationships are allowed to build realistically. The sparks Jenna and Vince throw off at the beginning change as the relationship grows, from apprehension, to passion, to love. And the spell that has to be performed to help them locate the athame is one of the hottest things I’ve read-a three ice water scene for sure. If you want a really great short story experience, you can’t go wrong with The Craft of the Wise 2: Divination.” 5 cherries

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