Gripes, On Writing

Waiting for…

the first review to land is almost as bad as waiting for a submission reply. Cold Blooded has been out for a couple of weeks and by now somebody has to have read it. (Right?) This release is a little different for me because I did something I normally don’t do and that is re-read it after it released.


Afterward I realized how light on sexoring it is. That’s gonna be a problem for somebody. lol. So, I sit here watching and waiting for the first review. Hoping people enjoy the action and forgive the hasty romance.

Reviews are subjective and for the most part, I enjoy the good ones and ignore the bad, but still, somehow that first one sets the tone for the ones to come. Here’s hoping reviewers show me some love.

(And please, totally ignore the fact that when I should be writing or editing or revising, I’m Googling my titles to see if any new reviews have popped up. Ignore it. Really.)