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Wednesday Words: Review-Archangel’s Kiss

@nalinisingh is one of less than five auto buy authors for me. I force myself NOT to buy her books because I savor them *that* much and I would burn through them too quickly otherwise. And if I didn’t have another book to look forward to? *gasp* The horror!! So it was to my great surprise that I glanced at my bookshelf and found a copy of Archangel’s Kiss just sitting there. SITTING. THERE. NOT. READ.

Turn off the phone! Shut down Twitter and set the DVR! I’ve got reading to do.

I’ve got a thing for angels. And Raphael is swoon-worthy sexy. I couldn’t help but be drawn in to how powerfully dangerous he is as an archangel. Elena’s ability to make him a little more mortal just makes me happy-sigh. Somehow Ms. Singh made their story so sensual without the a lot of hot and heavy sex, but in the way they talked to each other. Their shared glances. In his patience for her. Their forced celibacy for a little while.

As always, Ms. Singh brings me to my knees with her world-building. She’s introduced other characters who beg for their own stories. My favorite, I think, will be Aodhan, who does not like to be touched. He intrigues me.

4 Stars