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Wednesday’s Words: Feeling Accomplished

It’s Saturday morning as I write this and I’m looking back on how I’ve come to this point in my writing career. The very first story I’d written and completed for publication happened because of a whim. At that time, having done no research whatsoever, I’d thought I’d read somewhere that the average novel is 50,000 words long. So I wrote half a novel at 25,000 words. No writing classes. No writing prompts. No nothing other than my passion for reading books as my background. That story was accepted for publication.

Back then, the idea of writing a 50K story seemed holy crap impossible. 25K had just about killed me to think up and actually write. I scoured the internet for publishers who would accept stories in the 10K range, because that was easy and doable. (Not many of those exist. Boo.)  Then I wrote a story that was 21K (Letting Go). Wow!  And then later (two years into my career), one that was 24K (Illicit Hunger)! Holy wow wow. I’m making progress. Somehow or the other, I managed one that was 40K (Interdependence) and at the end of three years of writing, I managed to squeeze out a 55K story (Hunger Aroused).

Two weeks ago, I finished (working title) Passion Aroused at 86,000 words. EIGHTY SIX. Look out now! You have no idea how proud I am of this accomplishment. Some people are born with 100,000 words in their mouths. That’s not me. I’m short and to the point about everything. My editor may take one look at Passion Aroused and decide its one long, rambling nonsense, but it won’t diminish the pride I have in myself. I’m growing as a writer and that’s all I can ask of myself.

Next year? Maybe I’ll join the 100K club. We’ll see.