What a November

About halfway through the month, I lost my steam. Last month was great! I submitted five stories and immediately received contracts on three of them. I did all that in preparation for this year’s NaNo — I had great plans for my story. GREAT PLANS I tell you!

Then…I got a contract for a book submitted on proposal. That’s great! I shuffled my NaNo story to the backburner so that I could work on this new story.

Then…I got a new day job. That’s also great! I’m back to being salaried which means I get a paycheck come hell or high water. But this also means that I went from having three or four full days a week to write to two full days plus evenings when I’m not too tired.


So, I wrote my proposed story in two weeks. A full week earlier than I had anticipated. That’s great!

But then reality hit me. I spent October writing like a fiend to get ready for November. I typed with the speed of the wind the first two weeks of November to get my proposal story completed. When I stopped long enough to look around, I realized something. Not only was I dog tired, I had another two completed stories that just needed a little tweaking before they were submit-ready. Did it really make sense to start another story that I wouldn’t be done with until at least the end of December while those just sat there?

It didn’t to me either.

So, to end a long story…despite all of my preparation and excitement, I did not win at NaNoWriMo this year. I didn’t write 50,000 new words. What I did do, however, was write a 21K story, polish and sub two other stories (got a contract for one of them already! woot!!) and tighten up the plot for the story I originally intended for NaNo. Oh, believe me, that sucker’s getting written. Just not in November. And I’m ok with that.