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What authors do on WW breaks

During a word war break, the following conversation about Serenity with Nathan Fillian (happened to be showing while we chatted) ensued. Hilarious if you ask me:

(ETA: Mysteriously, somehow after I announced this was going on my blog, I got booted out of the room and was unable to return. Hmph.)

DM: who’s jane??

EG: OMG I am going to go pray for you

DM: oohhhhhhhhhhh


LS: lol

EG: me too!!!!!

DM: the little mechanic

EG: huh?

DM: wasn’t she the one who worked on the engines

DM: in Firefly

EG: thats kaylee

DM: oops

DM: so who’s jane???

DM: lol

DM: <–totally hopeless over here

EG: where’s the candles. I need to light a candle for her.

EG: Jane is a guy


DM: jane is a guy??? oh wait. the rough and tough guy that shannon loved

dee_carne: lol

DM well, my fav was the black chick. she was AWESOME.

EG: this is too funny

EG: im crying

DM: lurved her!!!

LS: OH!! she was in MANTIS!

EG: Zoey

LS: yeah

dee_carney: lol

DM: Zoey. and what was her guy’s name? the pilot?

dee_carney: I am so going to post this conversation on my blog

DM: also known as Alphga

EG: wash

DM: Alpha

DM: yeah, wash

DM: very cool, too. remember the episode where they were tied together and being tortured???

DM: that was the best shit i ever saw on scifi tv

LS: lol

DM: well, except for Captn Krk

EG: i hate watching wash die in serenity

DM: Kirk

LS: Wash, who I named my vamp after!

DM: he didn’t die

DM: what you talking about willis???

LS: in serentiy he did

DM: the movie??

LS: yeah

DM: didn’t see it

DM: thanks for ruining that onie!!!!

DM: sheesh

LS: cable post through the chest

LS: lol

LS: its been out for YEARS its totally your fault

dee_carney: lol

DM: there’s a such a thing as telling too much ya know.

DM: lol

DM: anyway, so yeah. not gonna watch Chuck.

dee_carney: this is such a comedy of errors watching you all

EG: years later is not a spoiler