What I’m working on…

The day job has kept me incredibly busy lately. I’ve barely blogged and in truth, barely written anything over the last month. But (yay!) starting this week, my schedule has started to level out. So…it’s time for me to gather my thoughts and figure out what I’m working on – as well as get moving.

I’m still working on DEN OF INIQUITY 2:THE MONEY SHOT. This is book two of a four-part, four-author series. Del Roman is an alpha shifter who falls for the secretary of the bank he’s about to rob. (Remember my post about robbing banks ?) Sparks will fly.

I’ve just finished an extremely short freebie for my newsletter subscribers. THE CRAFT OF THE WISE: WORDSMITH is a little vignette which gives insight into my witch series. I’ve started writing the "official" book one for this series – so far, I’ve planned a total of four – but haven’t gotten very far (as previously explained). To read WORDSMITH, you’ll need to be a subscriber in time for my June newsletter which will probably come out later this week.

Next week, I’ll finish up another Wicked erotica story, THE BELLYDANCER AND THE DJINN. Hopefully, I’ll edit this story about a naughty genie (djinn) by the end of the month and submit it for publication consideration.

Speaking of edits, I’m on round one of CAREER OPPORTUNITIES. After I had the nerve to nudge my editor about its progress, now I’m holding up progress on moving it along. For SOLDIER , we started working on the cover by the time we had worked on round two of edits. I’m hoping that this experience will be the same because I’m dying to see what the cover will look like!!

Whew! After a dry spell in May, June is looking like a very busy month for me! Can’t hardly wait.