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Cold Blooded is finally here and I couldn’t be more pleased!

Cold Blooded reads like a much longer novel. At fewer than 50 pages it whets your appetite for the world it describes and makes you wish there were more stories to come. Davana is the type of female many aspire to: strong, confident and determined. To the outside world she is tough as nails but inside she is fighting to figure out if she can get used to this idea of a mate as her life, until that point, is entirely her duties. Quinn seems, at first glance, like your ordinary human. Even he does not know the depths of his capabilities or what it all means. I won’t spoil it beyond that.

The characters are first rate and the author wisely focuses on Davana and Quinn and develops them well…The pace is quick but not frantic. You get invested in Davana’s and Quinn’s relationship from early on and it continues to hold your interest for the duration…

I absolutely loved this short novel. It gives you a glimpse of a world that sounds uber-fascinating and intriguing and one I want to know more about. I am very hopeful this is either the start of a series or a short novel in a series! If you like paranormal stories and fantasy then I highly recommended Cold Blooded!

4 1/2 stars from AlexJouJou at Manic Readers

Wow! Does it get any better than that?! 😀