Word Warring!

Den of Iniquity (24K)…Done

The Craft of the Wise: Book of Shadows (14K)…Done

The Craft of the Wise: Divination (name subject to be changed!)…Started!

All in less than two weeks. How do you ask? WORD WARS! Don’t know what a word war (WW) is? Well, lemme explain…

A group of us (can be just one other person, but usually ends up being almost dozen people total) get together via instant message conference room. One person is time keeper. When the time keeper types “Go”, you type. And type and type and type…

At the end of 30 minutes, the time keeper lets everyone know time is up. (Thirty minutes is just an arbitrary time. We’ve done 15 minute WWs before too.) Everyone posts how many words they managed to type in that time span. I’ve seen the numbers go from zero (usually by a distracted or just editing author!) up to the thousands. It’s not a competition despite what you may think. No matter how few or many words one types, everyone gets cheered on for progress. Sometimes we post excerpts from what we’ve just typed with the understanding that everything is in draft form. All passive voice, typos, etc. are ignored. That’s what edits are for.

WW is a fabulous way to get word counts up. And we are pretty hard core about it. I try to start a room from the time I finish my daily Internet chores around 11 or 12. The latest I’ve personally been up doing it, has been 1:30 am. I know of others who stay up all night WWing. I think I have created some WW addicts!

Come find me on IM and join in, will ya? There’s only one rule: Pee On Your Own Time. lol