Writing Growth

Last night I subbed Dark Forest Nights to a new publisher as I said I would. An additional 2,200 words were added to my original manuscript. By the time I was done with it, I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Reading it over made me realize how much I have learned in the months since I first submitted Soldier to Cobblestone. In fact, I think I might have to become like some of those actors who don’t watch their own movies….I won’t read my stories once they’re published. I don’t want to cringe over something I didn’t know back when I originally submitted it. Then again, that may mean that I never get to read my stories again.

Face it. We’re always learning something new.

And the best part about learning during this process has been the number of authors who have been willing to help me along the way. This list is by no means inclusive (so if I forgot you, I’m sorry!!!!!!!) but thanks to (in no particular order!!!) Moira Rogers, Cassandra Moore, Moira Reid, Tess Harrison, Tierney O’Malley, Ava Rose Johnson, Kris Eton, L. Shannon and Devin Govaere…and so many others who have poked, prodded and dragged my writing into something better. And of course, thanks to Deanna Lee and Sable Grey for giving me my first start.

Jeez. When did this turn into the Oscars? lol